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Electronics Engineer Degree (Bac + 5 years) from ENSERG , Electronics and Radioelectricity National Engineering School in Grenoble (Alps, SW of France) 1984 .
Specialized University Degree (Masters) in Digital Image Technologies (image synthesis, processing , analysis and coding). University of RENNES, 1990.
Training Program on O.O.P (Object-Oriented Programming) languages (C++,Java) and Network Administration at the Consular Institute (Chamber of Commerce) in Lorient (April to June 1998)
Attendance in the I.T Research Master Cursus of the University of Rennes (Man-Machine Dialogue, Machine Learning, Data Mining) from October 2004 to present.
LANGUAGES: bilingual French English, excellent proficiency in German.

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2003 - now : Consultant :Translation and Technological Survey (Lannion, Brittany)

French Translation of scientific papers written by Edward Witten (Institute for Advanced Studies, Princeton)
- "The mass question" from McMillan Magazines, 2002
- "Magic, Mystery and Matrix",from the Notices of the AMS

Creation of a Thematic Map of scientific research projects (France, United States, Canada)
see document"Research Projects and Labs" and document"Consulted Books"
Neurosciences, Linguistics, Cognitive Sciences, Cognitive Psychology, Production of Contents (Multimedia Documentation), Non Linear Dynamic Systems, Quantum Physics , Cosmology,etc.

Knowledge Acquisition (through the DEA/I.T Research Master) about Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques, Man Machine Communication (MMC), Machine Learning and Data Mining techniques.

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1999 - 2003: Technical Documentation and Translation Manager (M.G.P Instruments – Lamanon, near Salon de Provence,South of France)


Job Description and Context


Creation and Updating of Technical Users Manuals and Maintenance Manuals for Radiation Measurement, Recording, Indicating Equipment in the nuclear instrumentation field within an international company with worldwide distribution (Europe, Russia, China, United States,etc.)

3 Product Lines:

  • Devices for measuring, recording radiation doses received by agents upon intervention in risky nuclear environments.
  • Devices for test and validation of dosimeters (Dosimeter Irradiators - Workbenches).
  • Agents Security Management Systems upon intervention to control the annual dose cumulation per agent and eventually deny the area access in case of exceeding of the legally-defined maximum cumulation, complying with the associated legislation.

Surface Contamination Detection Equipment:

  • Surface Contamination Detection of objects or people when accessing or exiting an intervention area.

Radiation Monitors:

  • Monitors conducting the on-line or off-line radioactive analysis of liquid or gas effluents regarding the presence of radioisotopes ( alpha, beta, gamma radiation energy ranges) installed in different areas of a nuclear power plant. Indication of alarm threshold exceeding locally or remote (data transmission to a remote Monitor Management System).
  • Maintenance and Set-up Software of the Processing and Display Unit of the performed analyses, "governing, intelligent" unit of these monitors.
  • Monitors based on a modular architecture:
    For a given analysis type, adaptation of generic monitors to match the special detection needs of a nuclear site.

Project Director and Writer

Users and Maintenance Manuals (French and English versions)
(at least 100 different manuals created or supervised averaging 150 pages)

Sub-contractors Management

Translator (French / English or English / French)

skilled in the constitution of specialized glossaries

Translation process streamlining towards completion deadlines :
for instance, if the manual could be "deduced" from the manual of a neighbour equipment for the concerned target language (adaptation) : designation of the textual sources to adapt and of the changes to make.

Quality Control: Check of terminologic and text-image consistency, cross referencing, data resourcing.

Iconography : Illustration Localisation : diagrams, captions and labels of photos integrated in the manuals, screen captures by software simulation in the O.S environment of the target language (French or English)..

Software Localisation for English Version

Test Equipment Software

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1992 à 1998 : Freelance (Translator, English Teacher, Trainer, Web Editor, Software Developer)

Technical Translator, Interpretor

French to English or English to French Translation in the electromechanical field and sports biomechanics.

French voiceovers for video soundtracks.

Interpretor for groups working on EEC projects
(DDTE, ATLAS-EPSR Vannes - theme: issues related to work insertion of disabled people)

English Teaching

Organization (Conception of teaching supports) and Teaching of English courses for the Consular Institute in Lorient (Chamber of Commerce and Industry))

Web site Editor (French/English version)

Trainer in Office Automation Application Software (Word,Excel)

Development of original training supports

Software Developer

Management Software (DBMS) (Invoicing, Energy Costs Analysis, Staff Management, Accounting Software) based on ACCESS, Visual Basic
(see Productions)

Customized Excel 5- based software for the accounting and attendance management of a school. Administration and accounting services using the software.

Along these activities, from 1992 to 1994, conception and study of a project for creating an I.T Training and Multimedia Centre in Belle-île en Mer (French island in the Atlantic Ocean).

Communication work, actions to generate a local public interest in the project.
Search for funds and partnerships.

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1990 : Specialized Degree in Digital Image Techniques: Image Synthesis , Analysis and Coding in the IRISA
(Computer and Automatic Systems Research Institute in RENNES, Brittany)

Image Synthesis:
Scientific Translation, Software Conception and Development

Bibliographic study of volume rendering techniques for 3D medical image viewing
(research documents on "Volume Rendering" from the Rayleigh University, North Carolina )

User's Guide of a graphical user interface language software ( based upon the C Language )

Conception/ Study of a modeling software for mechanical scenes (IRISA 90 report)

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1985 - 1990 : Project Engineer at CAP SESA Telecom RENNES (CAP GEMINI Group)

Image Synthesis

Development of the shapes and scenes modeling part of a ray-casting software dedicated to one of the 1st multi-processing computer "CRISTAL".
Environment, Programming Language : Unix (SUN), C Language

Maintenance of Network Systems (X25 Transpac )

Conception and Development of a software detecting hardware troubles of Transpac Network Switch
Languages, application type: Macroassembler , Multi-Task Real Time Development.

Development of the Transpac Supervision Software.
Environment, Programming Language: Unix (SUN), C Language

Maintenance of the Transpac X25 Network Administration Unit Software.

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Operating Systems:
WINDOWS 9x, XP, Network Systems : NT Server 4.0, NT Workstation, UNIX

Programming Languages: Fortran, C, C++, Java ,Visual Basic

Office Suite: WORD , EXCEL , ACCESS all versions

TRADOS : Computer-Aided Translation Tool (CAT Tool) based upon Translation Memories (TMX)

Image Publishing and Enhancing Tools: Adobe Pagemaker, Adobe Photoshop, Paintshop Pro, Visio

Conception/Development of DBMS-type applications based upon Access , Visual Basic

Network Administration and Set-Up ( TCP/IP - Internet )

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Photography: see pages Photo Gallery

Major fields of interest: Neurosciences, Cognitive Sciences, Fractals and Non Linear Dynamic Systems, History of Sciences

Cinema and associated litterature (esp. screen adaptation of novels) : see "VoiceOver pages - "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest"

Chess game

Swimming, Walking

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Between 1996 and 1998, Development of DBMS (Database Management Software Applications) based on ACCESS,Visual Basic

Invoicing software, including payment reports and reports of invoices sent to clients within the selected month or year, archiving features and consulation of former years reports. Accounting of clients balances.

Energy Cost Management Software (Electricity , Water , Gas , Communication Costs) with a monthly -adjusted cost estimation, for a chain of stores.

Staff Management Accounting Software ( Contracts Editions , salary spreadsheets , accounting of all staff events (disease stops, vacations , money advances , extra hours , retrieved hours ) Monthly or annual reports . Archiving features.

Stock Control Accounting Software ( Product-consumption statistics , product stock lifetime estimate through consultation of the product-consumption statistics of the previous months or the same period in previous year and selection of the appropriate parameter value.Purchase suggestion consistent with the adjustment of parameters like product-consumption monthly estimate and/or safety stock . Reports giving the consumption statistics, accounting reports ( sales figures , taxes , profits ) . Related graphical reports . Archiving features.

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